ATNapps Launches Beta Version of its Mobile App Builder Software For Worldwide Customers

ATNapps app builder platform
ATNapps has launched the beta version of its Mobile App Builder Software. Until now individuals and companies had to spend thousands of dollars to create a mobile app to market their businesses and interests.

ATNapps is free mobile app builder software that allows a person/individual to create a highly customized smartphone app with no experience necessary and no coding knowledge; the only requirement for creating an app is to sign up for free and input their information.

ATNapps will publish Android apps on Google Play & iPhone apps on iTunes for the individual or business for free.

Now Let ATNapps Build Apps for you, ATNapps provides following App Makers:
1. iPhone App Builder
2. Android App Builder

With each passing, day mobile phones are becoming a crucial part of the fast pace life of today’s generation, not just in terms of communication, but as a medium to get direct access to internet as well.

Following are the reasons of why ATNapps can be the fastest growing Apps Builder service Worldwide:
1. Apps can be built for free
2. Create an app in minutes
3. No coding skills required
4. Apps get published & shared
5. Apps can be easily monetized
6. App publishers get real-time App Analytics

How to be sure the app is accepted by Apple?

E-Commerce app

To be sure your app will be validated by Apple you have some tips to know (on Google Play there is no validation, so it’s more easy):

  • All your pages have to be filled out with content. Please be sure you have no empty pages. If you have a news wall feature for example, create a news, and with a picture it would even better.
  • Content: no explicit contents in your apps! But it was obvious icon wink HOW TO BE SURE THE APP IS ACCEPTED BY APPLE?
  • Design: please choose cool colors with complementarity. If you don’t really know how to find colors with complementarity you can use But no rainbow apps, please don’t.
  • Features: Apple want useful apps. So don’t create apps with only one or two features. And enter relevant content with multimedia (videos, images, etc)
  • Write a good description of your app. You have to explain what the users would be able to find in your application, and why they have to download it. (250 characters minimum).
  • Never talk about other platforms in your app! Apple doesn’t want you to talk about Android or Google Play, or Samsung in apps that are on the Apple App Store. Even if there is a logo, or an image about an Apple competitor, your app will be rejected.
  • If there is an account registration tab in your app, or part of your app that is blocked with the Padlock feature, be sure to provide test credentials to Apple in the “Demo” fields on when publishing your app. Fill out the “support policy” url too.
  • Never user test content in your app, like “Lorem Ipsum” content or “test”, “demo”, etc. Apple refuses apps that are not finished, and/or apps for tests.
  • Choose the right rating for your app. If your app is a Club app you have to set the rating to 17+ even if there is no photos, or products related to alcohol.
  • Before compiling your app in Xcode be sure to deactivate the Audio Background modes if it’s not an app about music.

How the app is updated?


The app is automatically updated for most part of the content without the need to republish it.

The only things you can’t modify on your apps without a new submission are : the app icons, app startup images (splash screen), app name, app description, categories and keywords, the mobile website url. If you add the Places/Directory feature while your app is already published, it will not work and your app will need to be republished. That means this feature must be included before to compile your app.
It is the same for the “audio” features: if you want it to work with multitasking (navigate through your phone, outside your app, with music keep on playing), you have to integrate it prior the publication, if your app is already published when you add this feature, it will not work in multitasking mode, and you will have to submit your app again if you want it to work in multitasking. But be sure your app is a music app that needs Audio Background mode activated.
Except these features and elements, design, logo, colors, adding features and of course feature content are editable, addable when you want and as many times as you need.


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